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Thai Corn Cakes with Somtam Salad

Thai Corn Cakes with Somtam Salad

This hot, crunchy and crisp salad is one of Thailand’s best known culinary exports. Literally translated as “sour pounded”, Somtam is a hugely popular salad of Thailand. Combining the flavours of sour, sweet, savory, salty all at once, all the ingredients are traditionally pounded in a mortar till they are just bruised and start releasing their intense flavours. Accompanied by another staple snack of Thailand, the corn cakes are fresh and crisp. You’ll fall in love with the hot and cold contrasting flavours of this meal


    • Thai Cuisine

    • Vegetarian

    • 30-35 Minutes

    • Shallow Frying Pan

    • Serves 2

Rs. 350.00