Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Check out some of our frequently asked questions.

Where do you guys deliver to?

We are currently delivering between Colaba to Bandra. We are looking to expand our delivery service to other areas soon, so stay tuned!

How long will delivery take?

We will deliver your fresh ingredients to you in the next day.

Why should I order from Out of the Box?

We understand that while you may enjoy cooking you may not enjoy the work that comes with it. The idea behind Out of the Box is to make sure you spend more time on something other than” What to cook tonight”, “Do I have the ingredients for tonight’s meal”, “Should I buy a whole packet of Quinoa for tonight’s meal”. Let us take care of that for you.

What comes with an Out of the Box delivery?

When you order from our menu, we send you a box of ready to cook, pre-measured ingredients. Each recipe box is accompanied by a recipe card with step-by-step instructions and images. All you need from your pantry is salt, pepper, oil and butter. You are just 30-35 minutes away from preparing a delicious meal for your family.

Do your meals fit into a health-conscious lifestyle?

We do our best to design recipes using healthier options. However, we love to indulge once in a while in all that is yummy. That is the advantage of ordering from us. You decide when you want to eat healthy and when you want to indulge by choosing from our menu.

Do you offer recipes for specific dietary restrictions?

Our recipes have a list of all the ingredients so you can take care of any allergies or specific dietary restrictions that you may have. Recipes may contain additional ingredients not listed. Please take care as we are not liable for any adverse reactions to specific ingredients, either listed or contained in mixes / pastes / sauces.

How long will the food stay fresh?

We suggest you refrigerate the contents of the box as soon as you receive it. They will stay fresh in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.

What if some ingredients are missing from my box?

While we do our best to ensure that this does not happen, do inform us of the same and we will make it up to you.

Do I need to be home to sign for my package?

Yes, someone needs to be home to accept the Box and ensure that it is refrigerated immediately so that the ingredients stay fresh for longer time.

How I am having a party this weekend. Can you custom design a box for me?

Sure we can. Let us know how many guests you are expecting and we will customize a box for you. In fact, we go a step further. If you give us sufficient time (3-4 days), we will design a menu for your party based on your requirement and then customize your party box for you. You tell us what you want to serve at your party and we do the rest.

What time can I expect my delivery to come?

We will deliver your box between 10 am and 6 pm the day after you place your order.

How do I pay? What is it going to cost me?

Our current policy is cash on delivery. Credit card payment option is coming soon.
Each recipe box costs Rs. 300/- to serve a meal for 2 individuals.

How can I give feedback?

We would love your feedback on the recipes offered, your experience on cooking it. Since the process of adding new recipes is ongoing, we would love your input. Do tell us what you and your family would like to see on the menu.

How do I reach customer service?

Call us on 99209 16682 from 10 am to 5 pm